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2548 days ago


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JeffcMo 2529 days ago

don't be skurr'd

barnman73 2547 days ago

Got an idea for your crusade, 'Video-Blog' of Fannypacks through history...we have tamed them down...they were serious 100 years ago!

CaryRant 2548 days ago

In a word Joe.....NO!! Not a good look. Seriously! I know you're fighting the good fight for the fanny packs, but there's a good reason people think they look silly.

popgun_frank 2548 days ago

oh shit, that is fucking ferocious!

travo1978 2548 days ago

total win. jazz hands AND a fanny pack. and yeah that would be hilarious if you can somehow mention a fanny pack tomorrow night

Liamer 2548 days ago

Jazz hands?

egillbjarki 2548 days ago

Joe, now you only need a big fat mullet and a strach, then you will seal this trend :)

The253King 2548 days ago

Hey fanny pack where did you get that Joe Rogan? Your last name is ghirelli?

FredGiovannitti 2548 days ago

From top to bottom: Trendy, trendy, innovative, trendy, trendy, comfy

kAb_eOe 2548 days ago

This will give me nightmares for many nights to come. YOU CRAZY JOE ROGAN!

SeanHamblin 2548 days ago

Is that the "Cadillac" of fanny packs Joe?

rawmeedu 2548 days ago

My mom wears one when she goes to garage sales and the flea market...

ToontownJuggalo 2548 days ago

I'm all for the "fanny pack" though I still believe it needs a manlier name, but I'd untuck the shirt. Now it just looks....(don't kill me).... NERDY.

N200PF 2548 days ago

Joe I put $100 up that you WOULD mention the fanny pack on the show tomorrow! It would be CLASSIC!!! We'll be watching!

Tarnfairey 2548 days ago

I am contending to win one, it will look HOT with my " I give good Oma Plata" t-shirt.

jjmunch 2548 days ago

you look like randy savage when you wear the pack. very pro wrestler of you. All you need is some black jeans.

Tarnfairey 2548 days ago

Um, hate to point out the obvious, unless your wearing it assbackwards, that's a tummypack, not a fannypack! :)

bjschofield 2548 days ago

Seriously, Joe...find a way to mix the fanny pack into the show tomorrow night. It would be the ultimate inside joke!

benitosantana 2548 days ago


benitosantana 2548 days ago