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1684 days ago

So you guys like when I swear? I'll still likely edit profanity out, but here's something to get you through. =p


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CEOtweet 1660 days ago

The fucking internet fox is fired you fucks. :-)

jackh71 1682 days ago

*for me - stupid typo on stupid keypad

jackh71 1682 days ago

there's something attractive about an american female(especially) swearing, that hits all the right buttons fore haha :(

LBirkholm 1682 days ago

Are you calling that swearing? (O_o)'

AtkinsonRichard 1684 days ago

You should try rapping N.W.A lyrics, Nixie.

Sdwerd 1684 days ago

Swearing makes you seem more like a real person.

darryl_banks 1684 days ago

Fuck yeah! The words become almost elegant when spewing out your piehole :)

#Firefucks #Mykindagal

AshNathens 1684 days ago

If you're yelling at people that aren't there, you may have a lot more to worry about than a cold:)

DJSubterrain 1684 days ago

Nice red nose too by the way, you look like a choked up Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reinfuck :)

DJSubterrain 1684 days ago

OMG, You turned into Joe Pesci in GoodFellas. "I'm a Firefox you fuck? I'm here to browse you fuck?"

Brothamanbill 1684 days ago

Girls that swear are my type of woman, some of us guys call them broads and you are a classy broad. It turns alot of guys on cause we like tough women.

NixiePixel 1684 days ago

Apparently I also like yelling at people that aren't there when I'm on cold and cough meds. XD