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Second armor for the SS is done.

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1334 days ago

Second armor for the SS is done.


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DrathAQW 1325 days ago

Drawing looks better imo. + don't try be a copy of Aegis -.-' , be an original of yourself. It's just a hint ;P

Dan_X_Doa 1326 days ago

Nice armor.Quite sad mine not chosen.Lol.I'm jelly of this XD

SerLionhart 1328 days ago

And some people dare saying you can't shade. Like, lolwat

TheKidNamedEvan 1330 days ago

You see those colours?.. Yeah. I suggested them.. ;)

ItzJuztMeJake 1330 days ago

its mine ;D

Art_DS_Raja 1331 days ago

oh there was a suggestion shop update? ah well guess i would never get in so gratz to whoever this is

EvilArvis 1332 days ago

How u shade ( coloring) ? Can u recolor my armors ? i have .fla format

ZeMageAE 1333 days ago

Helm should be a bit wider, IMO

XnaraArts 1333 days ago

The "purple-kind" cloth is now CC.

LeZerky 1333 days ago

This is a ugly remake. Sorry. It is less bulky. :/

AvengerAQW 1333 days ago

a very gud suggestion thats also very well flashed :P

AgyronJ 1333 days ago

Aegis style shading and yes I agree the envy is strong =3 but i think i can fix that Trolol http://twitpic.com/9w9785 check this out

Cowctus 1333 days ago

The envy is strong with this one.

The_halabala 1333 days ago

Wow, great stuff

ItzJuztMeJake 1333 days ago

aranx thanks man u really improved it :D , i do think the cloth should be cc though :x

XnaraArts 1334 days ago

I use many kinds of shadings and this is the one I use for "Metal"

AQWNaTra 1334 days ago

Why Aegis's shading? its great, but why?

AegisAQW 1334 days ago

The amount of shine on this makes me feel all warm inside. Job well done on recreating an awesome armor.

KetuAE 1334 days ago

Will the orbs be CC? Or atleast custom to the eye colour of your character?

Orphantine 1334 days ago

Im definitley getting this. <3