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Test your thinking style: Which letter do you see first?

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2663 days ago

Test your thinking style: Which letter do you see first?


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Brainlock72 2663 days ago

paused when loading. so 2 stacks of T's, then realized it was in 'H' form.

mlanger 2663 days ago

H, then T.

_terri_jones 2663 days ago

H first, then T. There was perhaps a half-second delay. :-)

sofree 2663 days ago

H. and I even didn't realize it's made up of T.. lol

softmutt 2663 days ago

H made up of T's. Saw both.

teachernz 2663 days ago

I see H. I'm on my phone and it looks like the H is made of little dots. From the comments I guess they're Ts?

PaoloViscardi 2663 days ago

H, even with progressive loading (does that make me very slow on the uptake?)

TeaganTheDog 2663 days ago

I saw H but that's coz it took a while for mum to find the tab with Twitpic on it so the H was there.

CosyPhil 2663 days ago

H - took me a while to understand that there was an alternative!

sirwiggum 2663 days ago

T but im on the notebook, so just saw a bunch of Ts, scrolled down, Ah it's an H!

mindreaderuk 2663 days ago

Same here, unfortunately.

paulburkey 2663 days ago

I saw T first, but that could be due to the progressive loading of the jpeg that loaded top to bottom on this slow internet connection. Maybe a flaw?