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Busy tonight, doing what i love the most.

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812 days ago

Busy tonight, doing what i love the most.


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MisterMonsterXO 303 days ago

Tooo perfect! LOVE IT!

fikrifirgiawan3 513 days ago

we need you gaga

JoeFuller16 561 days ago

Monster one meet monster two http://bit.ly/W08WRJ

bloodthisway 599 days ago


Andjela_Andji 605 days ago

cool :)

Psychotic__ 623 days ago


maqbool_wani 652 days ago


_JuniorParanhos 689 days ago

beautiful *-*

ClerMonster 708 days ago

It's #ARTPOP Keyboard! I want this!! Love U Gaga <3

CapodannoToscan 722 days ago

I love you
by capodanno toscana

karoll_mell 751 days ago

love u =p

lui054 754 days ago

yubichu786 757 days ago

I want that keyboard! -.-

AutaClair 781 days ago

Free Gaga Stuff from Amazon and other things like an Xbox :) FREE TO SIGN UP! http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=uin1290582725

sabrinaalvez 789 days ago

like this LOL

Mr_Paukooski 796 days ago

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdEJjdDlw_o&feature=plcp Love Game, especial edition! By Lady Luz!

RRemzx 801 days ago

ahahah lol xD

silvuhhh 806 days ago

right, and acting like you're all-knowing about it makes you a badass. nice try.

Chemie89 808 days ago

Are you lot retarded? It's a keyboard designed for Pro Tools. It's nothing special :/