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2 LightSabers for Friday hopefully.

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1593 days ago

2 LightSabers for Friday hopefully.


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Im_No_AngelAQW 1591 days ago

Really liking these :D GJ ;)

AQWPIC 1591 days ago

Wow.. juz wow

The_halabala 1592 days ago

Do they come with an ability to control the force? JEDI CLASS >:D

Duskkys 1593 days ago

Red one is amzing.

ZeMageAE 1593 days ago


ClaireChiodos 1593 days ago


Top_AE 1593 days ago

Cool.....finally another light saber thats not the starsword :P

stryker914 1593 days ago

Hilt art of the red one is very similar to Darth Revan's lightsaber, which is art from KoTOR http://fa.mediaminer.org/50/182050.jpg

jgborg4 1593 days ago

Are they CC?

Luis_enrique_16 1593 days ago

nom mem ?

Coxy_XD 1593 days ago

Liking the red LightSaber ^_^, nice work on it

EvilArvis 1593 days ago

Nice if be dual katanas :D

KenzaoAE 1593 days ago

The left swords hilt looks a bit to big, but still epic.That right sword though :D

SoraToHoshi 1593 days ago


Paul_Apollo 1593 days ago

Nice job! The one on the left looks chaotic, nice job, and the other looks like it belongs to the Shadowscythe. I like it :3

XnaraArts 1593 days ago

They are animated as well.