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810 days ago

After when I'm signing books in a bookstore or indeed when I'm at a cocktail party or whatever - at some social function - people will come up to me and say: "Barbara, tell me: How do I write a bestselling novel? I know I have a story in me. But how do I make it a bestseller?"

My answer is always the same: "If you set out by thinking you're going to write a bestseller and become rich and famous, then it won’t happen."

I don't know how to tell people to write a bestseller because I have no formula. All I do is sit down and try to tell a good story about one single character because, to me, character is plot.

In other words: What the person is inside, is going to tell their life story. There is no formula. And I think most writers will tell you the same.

It was Graham Greene, the late English author, who said exactly that: "Character is plot." And when I read that interview with him in the seventies, I truly understood what writing fiction was all about because he was saying character is destiny.

Barbara Taylor Bradford

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