From Robbins, IL..I'm a father First and everything else after that...

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JBESMOOTH 2435 days ago


yellebabii 2471 days ago

Wade dem shoes are hot. And da socks hot 2. Dey hatin on da dress socks. Keep doing ur thang. But neva wud I pay almost a 1000 bucks on sum darn shoes...well den again dem boys is hott. So ay keep up da good work baby. Hatas stop hatin. Players keep playi

renorunks 2471 days ago

My Kanye West - Louis Vuitton Don's..

$960.00 a pair plus tax!

[[Sneaker Head]]

lol @ the niiga who asked about the socks! you gotta wear them socks if you rockin' those sneakers!

crossxCHRIS 2472 days ago

we got the same taste when it comes to kicks DW3! i saw a picture of you in the scarface af1s, one of my favorites!
Kanye did a grat job on these. I bet u got the ones with the pink soles too, right?

frybread_power 2472 days ago

idk what you guys are saying...I LIKE THE SOCKS! lol :)

MartyBball 2479 days ago

U got some nice socks

reorrama 2479 days ago

will hand it over to me dwayne?? ^_^ pls??

darkcubanman 2479 days ago

is it me or there is something wrong with that pic

smoove_crisB 2479 days ago

r those da kanye lv's

MzBabyPhat85 2488 days ago

aye i like those shoes wats the name of them!!

shamara83 2488 days ago

Nice!! Shoes are fly

enygreatdane 2489 days ago

Dwade wuts up wit the socks brotha?? lol

88_girl 2489 days ago

Love the shoes! but what's up with your foot on the table? That must have been the only good spot to take the pic. lol

nebody210 2489 days ago

Who cares about socks when the kicks are that dope!

CrysNicole 2489 days ago

no manners. why is ur foot on the table?

josemvrco 2489 days ago

Nice LV's!! I dunno what the problem is with the socks.

that_dancergirl 2489 days ago

u got ur feet on da table?? shame shame da shoes r nice jus nxt time pick different socks

hzlbrnii 2489 days ago

Socks gotta go and no more foot up on the table D.W.

jusmepnut 2489 days ago

Wait time out. Those shitz is 7 or 8 hun? They better be made of the best material on earth cuz they don't look good. But do ya thang maine

jlf_420 2489 days ago

Not sure about the socks.....