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Allstar, Gold Medalist, Captain Toronto Raptors

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For those that wanted to see what I sketched tonight...

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1898 days ago

For those that wanted to see what I sketched tonight...


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Major9000 1898 days ago

Kind of a deconstructed Fleur-de-lis

willgottbreht 1898 days ago

where's the lefthanded notebook???

Kingmamboland 1898 days ago

I do see NIKE, but I also see Octo. Perhaps, it's the new Chris "The Spider" Bosh logo from Nike.

clumsyclover 1898 days ago

Nice work. Perhaps you can sign it and send it to one of your followers!

midtowngord 1898 days ago

might be a Turkish,Italian, Spanish thing inspired by your European team mates.

oxtail12 1898 days ago

I see the Nike symbol all over that!! You reached an Elaborate Nike Contract deal??!!! :P

Spitfire23 1898 days ago

looks like the fleur de lis..oui oui..either that or you're going to the new orleans hornets..say it ain't so, the Raps need you man!! then again it could just mean you're a GSP fan too I guess with UFC 100 in a couple days..think I'm reading a little too

Rivera26 1898 days ago

Yes I see LAKER colors , does this mean Gasol to TO and BOSH to L.A.,

RayDawggg 1898 days ago

Art Can not be defined..You are a talented person.Find your muse and you'll always draw from your Spirit

king_pen 1898 days ago

looks like it might be sneaker inspired....i see swooshes

TGiggy 1898 days ago

Looks like a clash between the WU Tang Clan symbol and the Nike Swoosh!

klovett 1898 days ago

nice... wait a minute, i'm seeing something here... it looks like... a picture of Steve Nash signing in T.O.!
(I kid, I kid... looks good man!)

IBYoungFresh 1898 days ago

does this mean no trade

rdema23 1898 days ago

nice, come to detroit please.

jmdortch 1898 days ago

looks like the new hornets symbol...well done!!

iman21 1898 days ago

omg!!! i had no idea you could draw!! you're amazing!!

tk230 1898 days ago

u got some great talent chris

gretzkyfresco 1898 days ago

are those.. LAKER colours?!

RepTha605 1898 days ago

Not bad man. U got something 2 fall back on after ur done with basketball lol

funsizelupes 1898 days ago