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Here you go Rita :)

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1716 days ago

Here you go Rita :)


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nooooooooooouuu 1497 days ago

I love you alfredo.

nooooooooooouuu 1500 days ago


swaggydojuss 1708 days ago

lucky for us that, hopefully one day be q there I NEVER SAY NEVER :D

lucydojusb 1710 days ago

shes so lucky :(

BiebersBrother 1715 days ago

Everyone's is meeting Justin, but guess, me, his little brothr never will meet him!>.< D:

BiebersBrother 1715 days ago

Alfreedooooooooooooo. I want to meet Justin. Heeeeeeeeee is my brotheer. So please!>.<

1belieftie 1715 days ago

shes so lucky :(

itspurposebiebs 1716 days ago

Awww, that's so nice :') Congrats<3

thamytroiler 1716 days ago

What a beautiful, congratulations, I hope one day I can also picture with the team bieber, my big dream. but it is not impossible. Brazil Team loves bieber

BieberBroccoli 1716 days ago

this picture is sooo beautiful. ♥ someday i hopefully will be in ritas position #NeverSayNever

iLatinaConBotin 1716 days ago

Alfredo TE AMO!

iSexTheBieber 1716 days ago

I'm so happy for you Rita, you both look AMAZING. Justins team is amazing.

Varony13 1716 days ago

:) that girl have lucky

SwagDoBiebs 1716 days ago

will be my day will come? ):

biebahthevamps 1716 days ago

aishfiuf that should be me :''''(

justin4eternity 1716 days ago

Wow. First comment. Well, what a beautiful photo. Justin is so gorgeous.