Yes I am fake.

This is pretty much how my personals set will look like.

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1506 days ago

This is pretty much how my personals set will look like.


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Xaayer_The_Grey 1499 days ago

How is this unfair?

DarkonDrago 1502 days ago

Love this shiny golden armor. Awesome man! 'w'

The_halabala 1504 days ago

That's a bit unfair now.

Dawis67_AE 1504 days ago

I love this armour

mephilies 1504 days ago

Champion Wing basically.....just without the yellow part, and pushed out further

Demento22 1505 days ago

lol!pretty much everyone pictured him as a dark character...

Veneeria_AQW 1506 days ago

dunno, i always pictured you as a dark angel.

NiciAQW 1506 days ago

Told you Champion Wings look nubish! & these wings look omg so much better!! =D! & dat hair <3 :*

LeZerky 1506 days ago


mturf 1506 days ago

cool hair :D

uktsemotion 1506 days ago

Yus Yus YUS! Very Jizz-Tacular! Really like it Aran! Whey well done Old fella.

Top_AE 1506 days ago

AWESOME! Click to turn into an evil version? EPIC! Wings could have some armor parts.......really nice work Aranx!!! :D

Kokujoe_AK 1506 days ago

Great Job Overall!! :D

LuisHenriqueLH 1506 days ago

LuisHenriqueLH 1506 days ago

check my wings http://luishenriquelh.deviantart.com/art/Angel-Titan-296034054 click on the helmet and wings

ElSverro 1506 days ago

Looks Pretty good, And if you want to make the thing its not that hard i think.

XnaraArts 1506 days ago

I wanted to make it so when you click on the armour it should transfer into a "evil" version same with the wings and halo.