Anomalous duck surfer.

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... >_>

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816 days ago

... >_>


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MacianArt 814 days ago

xan gonna be jealous!

CarlosTheZayas 815 days ago

nice work, really unique

BaronPraxisAe 815 days ago

I like the hilt design, it flows quite well.

Xzeromus 815 days ago

Amazing art on this. Love the cloth on the hilt + hilt design is epic!

Duskkys 816 days ago

Wow love this.

AvengerAQW 816 days ago


JSketches 816 days ago

I like the hilt it's so awshum!

TyroniusAQW 816 days ago

Woah it's rlly amazing weapon :) Well done!

FyreWinged 816 days ago

i love it! no lie! its amazing! cant wait to get this ingame! :D

XnaraArts 816 days ago

I like it Ven don't change the blade it looks elegant like this. You could add some of these "sparkles" or what do you call it over the sword(like I did at the Pyromancer wizard-armour at the hand) Would look great.

XIII_Riku 816 days ago

I suggest.. THAT IT GOES INTO THE GAME IMMEDIATELY! I really like it, Ven, Don't be so tough on yourself! :D

KetuAE 816 days ago

I love the hilt on that. o: Not so much the rounded tip though. :P

LLBALDWINLL_AE 816 days ago

totally awsemm!

kartron_ 816 days ago

kinda looks like a keyblade

LuisHenriqueLH 816 days ago

i like it!!

CheeseheroX 816 days ago

dats hawt .... and not only cuz it reminds me of fire

Veneeria_AQW 816 days ago

Yeah, kinda searched for what you guys meant and apparently it does look like O_o .. Weird part 2.. saw some suggestions about being the blade pointy, but that is kinda too mainstream ? any more suggestions?

0ShadowStories 816 days ago

I agree. KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!1

LegendaryHeroAE 816 days ago

Looks kind of like a flame keyblade.

Top_AE 816 days ago

The handle is AWESOME!!! I really like it, the blade is.....mehh....