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Fixed something on the female fire-mage armour.

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1345 days ago

Fixed something on the female fire-mage armour.


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AvengerAQW 1344 days ago

nice... reminds me of the firebenders from "avatar the last airbender"

Cody486AE 1344 days ago

I agree the breasts do look silly but other than that you did a great job :)

LLBALDWINLL_AE 1344 days ago

it's good though

mturf 1344 days ago

the armor looks great but the breasts just look silly imo. clothes dont tend to work like that.

Veneeria_AQW 1344 days ago

awesome :D

DisturbedAE 1345 days ago

I wasnt talking about putting the male chest here, I just think if you fooled around with the cloth abit it would come out better, but if you're happy with it then you shouldnt do it.

TheClassyReaper 1345 days ago

Griffinfire's sooo going Femi-Nazi on this. How much would you like to bet?

BaronPraxisAe 1345 days ago

Looks great, I love the shoulder trim and the embers near the hands.

XnaraArts 1345 days ago

I know but sometimes you need to follow the template I can't add the same chest to the female as on the male. And I can't put something over the breasts therefore they needed to "come out" of the cloth and that is what I wanted to make.

DisturbedAE 1345 days ago

Don't think of the template, you should never think of the template more than just a guide line, if the template gets in the way you modify the template.
But in this case the way you put the clothing/metals makes them look akward in my eyes

XnaraArts 1345 days ago

Hmm I need to follow the template breasts otherwise they would come out different?

DisturbedAE 1345 days ago

Yes I see that, but the way you make them look on this make them come out really weird imo.

Fabuullous 1345 days ago

I'm not a fan of robe-like armors, but i think you won me over with this one. although the chest looks pretty weird. o -o

XnaraArts 1345 days ago

The breasts are the same ones as on the template :) and thanks!

DisturbedAE 1345 days ago

Looks really nice I like how you made the lioncloth fire, thats my fav part.
The breasts look abit akward otherwise I really like it :P

CaptainCio 1345 days ago

Boobs seems to "melt" on the armor - maybe a side Effect of the Fire ? :P