Maurissa Tancharoen


Writer for TV and stuff. Actor in things I write. Eater of many papayas. Lupus Warrior Princess. The Asian Whedon.

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1827 days ago



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ATCBoat10 1824 days ago

Hey, never piss off a Creator with a squirt gun. Remember what God did to Noah in 40 days and nights....:)

RiverCityOtter 1826 days ago

A lookin to the Whedon War Room where dreams are made real & We Like It!!!

korkster 1826 days ago

This is a slice of heaven. Thanks!

spikmeister 1826 days ago

writing plots or plotting???

lpod 1826 days ago

So this is how the MAGIC happens.
Looks...relaxing. If someone has a bad idea, instead of commenting, does Joss just squirt them? 'cause that's an awesome mental image.

BadWolf 1827 days ago

Fighting the bad ideas off with a water pistol? I bloody love you.

trucherrygirl 1827 days ago

It's the writers room of awesomeness! Thank you for sharing!

mybuddyryan 1827 days ago

There is our overlord... creating...

alalcoolj 1827 days ago

I bet the Joss squirt gun is loaded with creative juices (tequila, maybe)

Taliana83 1827 days ago

It does look like much writery fun there. And also fun-fun. Thanks for the sneak peek! :D

SCSImatrix 1827 days ago

MMMM Cholula Hot Sauce. =)

KimberleyBelton 1827 days ago

Feet on the table, boys? I can sense your grandmothers frowning.

clevertitania 1827 days ago

I'm with . Looks a bit like heaven to me. :)

RobinInSeoul 1827 days ago

Hey! Back to work writin' me some new stories! ::whipsnap::

MoTancharoen 1827 days ago

LtoR: Minear's feet,our cutie writers asst Jenny,Whedon,Fazekas, Butters.Bellomo,Chambliss,JT Whedon,and yours truly were on the other side of the camera.

FlyingHubcap 1827 days ago

I can only hope to one day work in so badass a writer's room.

AngelinaBurnett 1827 days ago


darkheartedrose 1827 days ago

Best. Twitpic. Ever.

efehan 1827 days ago

Haha does he keep you all in line with a water gun?

shejustlaughs 1827 days ago

It looks like everybody is looking in the same direction that Joss is pointing his gun. Is there something off-camera that we're missing?