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2334 days ago


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lateandsoon 2334 days ago

This is not the place for earnest discussion...but WHERE do the proceeds from this pay-us-NOT-to-burn-books event go?

lateandsoon 2334 days ago

Went. Just WENT all blank on me.

lateandsoon 2334 days ago

Blink. Blink. I can't-- Blink. What--? (My little blinky number badge just when all blank on me.)

iKeralot 2334 days ago

They should read Farenheit 451. A cautionary tale.

marcvanh 2334 days ago

Ah, so the books are being held hostage, and one will be burned every hour until their demands for increased literacy are met.

BTW, this is in South Carolina. Nuff said?

JuliaEveHays 2334 days ago

I just visited their Web site. Not the best approach to combating illiteracy.

MarcusVeyera 2334 days ago

its one for saving books i guess thats what the site said it might also be an antiglobal warming adddd...?

shoogyboomz 2334 days ago

This is retarded.

namethatface 2334 days ago

It's okay. It's a controlled burn.