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2489 days ago


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M5mejane 2485 days ago

Have a great time! Switzerland looks looks like a beautiful place.

LoveePixieLott 2487 days ago

Have fun!! xxx

Lost_in_ourself 2488 days ago

Have fun and don't get lost in the Swiss Alps lol

anLAactor 2488 days ago

You are going to LOVE it sooo much...but, you had better come back to Los Angeles anyway. xoxo, Mary

reejphotos 2488 days ago

Oh and JV - make sure you keep waxing your skiis, if you know what I mean.

reejphotos 2488 days ago

You left Brooklyn to go to freakin' Switzerland? You better come back with a suitcase full of chocolate and a new wrist watch for me or I'll have you banned from Brooklyn AND every Guitar Center across the country.

ge0rgiaH 2488 days ago

kso first you got to see phoenix. now you're going to switzerland. so bloody jealous. have fun though :D

Twinkles34 2489 days ago

Switzerland is definately awesome in summer.

ItsDianaG 2489 days ago

Switzerland is awesome .. it's like my 2nd home

heiki_hd 2489 days ago

seems like i missed it all... where are you staying in switzerland for how long to do what?

ashbashHill 2489 days ago


PAMsLOvE 2489 days ago

Have Fun!!! :D

M5fan23 2489 days ago

Awesome Guys!!!!! Have a great time!!! :D

__MsB 2489 days ago

really COOL! have fun guys. xD

silkspikes 2489 days ago

Switzerland is abSolutely gorgeous and so much fun! If you have some free time u shud take a boat ride on lake Geneva and if you can pass by Yvess (I
think that's how u spell it) it's a small French town off the coast of Switzerland there is this tiny se

beatriz_noah 2489 days ago

awesome!! \o

_Layal 2489 days ago

COOOL *---*

audrina5 2489 days ago

Amazing place!!! I live in Poland (guys you should come here too - it's kind of original and nice place) and I wanna go there someday :D

audrina5 2489 days ago

Cool!!! Switzerland is incredible... I live near this amazing country and I know it :D

islandgirl32 2489 days ago

I really hope you guys have a great time.... Hey I heard Canada Is nice this time of year! ;)