The final series was a while ago, so perhaps I will devote this article is not only a series of 22 3 season but the entire season as a whole. I'll also talk about what TV shows will soon appear on me, "Review Article" and give my opinion on the closing "Secret Circle".  Third season

What can I say, in general, about the season? Series were in my eyes ... with mixed success. The season started badly, especially pleased with the Series 3 and 4 (Chicago, then a scene in the gym, the treatment of Tyler). In principle, to the point where Stefan decided to steal the coffins of the ancient, everything was very good. Here and "evil" Stefan (Paul Wesley was finally able to open up more as an actor in my eyes), and the great Catherine, quite amusing relationship between Elena and Damon, and about the "jump" in time, too, do not forget - because between the end of the second season and the beginning of the third was about four months. All in all, decent.

When Stefan Claus stole coffins in front of my eyes almost all the plot took a further very "stretched" appearance. The impression that the writers killed early in the initial intrigue and frantically tried to find a new one, that they, by the way, did not succeed. In the middle and at the end of the season was a good series, but most of the series after the "coffin", I would have attributed to the type of "ordinary, nothing special in itself does not represent." Frankly, the season was good, but you can make it better! Julie Plec promised for several weeks that the season finale will be quite a shock!
What got in the end? As for me, yes, the ending is good, but where the "shock"? For me personally, it became a surprise relocation Klaus in the body of Tyler, all the rest, I predicted on the forum / articles / in polls. Elena became a vampire - is expected, the writers need what-no, but intriguing. Death of Alaric was read at a time when they first announced the series "The Cult" with Matt Davis in the title role. And that Elena chooses Stefan - someone really doubt it? Delena = "magnet" for the fans! Bonnie, who may in the future will go to the "dark side"? There is no need to take everything with a "Secret Circle". A good TV series did not have the PR and Ian Somerhalder cameo in one of the first series of the season. And now, just picked up and shut down, even with such a wonderful cast.  Where is Katherine? They promised Katherine and officially stated that her character will be in the final series of three seasons. And where? But no. Julie Plec put everything in its place on Twitter.

The ill-fated love triangle was resolved, but we just gave a hint of a possible Delena