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Yay!! The residuals check for my HBO @funnyordie Presents appearance finally came in! #LivingLarge

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1271 days ago

Yay!! The residuals check for my HBO Presents appearance finally came in! #LivingLarge


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gregmethod 958 days ago

And remember, Jay Levey gets 15 percent of that!

stansolo1 1269 days ago

In a few months Canada will get rid of the penny. If you wait and cash it in Canada you will get a nickel for it.

Wargamer204 1270 days ago

Hey, my royalty checks are larger, barely!

JiffyStorage 1270 days ago

Face amount will pay first month at Jiffy Storage #Toronto but this is limited time offer.

KathyFN 1270 days ago

Was that with or without the taxes taken out?

GregoryMcclatch 1270 days ago

There's always a Man. Even if you're Weird Al.

stevensoucy 1271 days ago

Making big money eh! Lol the cheque is worth more than the amount!

jackfbn 1271 days ago

Another lesson in Net and Gross. After all the deductions, Net looks Grossly unfair... ;^P

Ludovicaa 1271 days ago

I'll stand you an orange juice at least ;)

Ludovicaa 1271 days ago

Don't worry, the drinks are on me! :)

Bananamatic 1271 days ago

Once again there you go flaunting the fact that you are one of the "The 1%ers"!

rose6156 1271 days ago

You're not a member of SAG, are you?

rose6156 1271 days ago

You might want to hurry down to the bank today to deposit that check-it's invalid after 180 days :P

Uncamitzi 1271 days ago

Looks a LOT like MY paycheck...every week.

desiree_d_h 1271 days ago

You da man, da man.

Bananamatic 1271 days ago

What happened to the Account and Routing numbers?

JackDGriffith 1271 days ago

Reminds me of Emo Philips' residuals check for UHF. :-)

AlejandraDD 1271 days ago

Woo-hoo!!! Don't spend it all at once!!!