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Possible Back Of My CD:

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2547 days ago

Possible Back Of My CD:


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PROTOTYPE_07 2470 days ago

When is this happening again?

Jmooon 2531 days ago

What about "There is no life" ? :D
or or or Negatives 3 and 4 ?
id love to try to improvise "torture me" on my guitar :] .__."

kelsey_pies 2545 days ago

so gangster. cannot wait!

forquestions 2547 days ago

i'm really excited for this!maybe it's because i feel dizzy but you can sort of see that the pull out makes an A and the swivel a G. when can i collect my prize

devishantys 2547 days ago

agree with driftwood, at a glimpse I thought you were in a straight jacket (that would be nice :P)

_Driftwood_ 2547 days ago

for some reason my first thought is you are at the dentist office/ a straight jacket....

silkrevolver 2547 days ago

wait...return of the King? I thought that was a Phantom Planet song? Whatever, I've been DYING to hear it since I heard you and Sam do an acoustic version on youtube....but the audio quality wasn't too good. GAH! I NEED THIS MUSIC!

silkrevolver 2547 days ago

YAY! Ordinary and Baby don't cry made it!!!!!! but no Bored to tears? Well, I suppose all of the other songs will just be better than it, which means they will all be 5 stared on my ipod....SO EXCITED!

leatheanimal 2547 days ago

Oh god, I don't remember where I heard 'Ordinary' but it was so fucking great, can't wait to hear your album. I will buy it even tough I'm stuck in Montreal, in Canada... anyway. Good luck!

shaunlikesmusic 2547 days ago

is this going to be released this year?

i can't wait for whenever it will be!

grsandrade 2547 days ago

wow.. they all are song names.. but only 9 songs?? we waint for more lol!!

kthxraven 2547 days ago

can't wait. especially for Ordinary.

leftycurse 2547 days ago

THAT LETTERING. I've used it before.

heysally 2547 days ago

yeeeeeeeeeeesssss. this is awesome! i am so excited for it :D

ryrou 2547 days ago

it has a creepy vibe, but if you're into that i guess it's perfect!

Hoorayitstay 2547 days ago

Yes! Perfection

toasterstarship 2547 days ago

A woot, woot :D