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I make things smell at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

#WKAP / @amandapalmer scents on display at #BPAL west coast will call last night

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1966 days ago

#WKAP / scents on display at #BPAL west coast will call last night


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amylikestodraw 1965 days ago

Wait, duh. I assume Kyle's photos will be the labels. Now back to regularly scheduled thinking.

amylikestodraw 1965 days ago

Also, the ribcage in the background is a nice finishing touch.

amylikestodraw 1965 days ago

I'd love to know who's doing the label art. Also, can't wait to buy Cupcake and Jam & Scones.

anniechanse 1965 days ago

OH OH OH! I love BPAL!!! I buy their Alice in Wonderland scents all the time!! And a few Gaiman's as well.

Smaulren 1965 days ago

Super excited about what I read to be a "Cupcake" scent.

laura_amaro 1965 days ago

I can't wait for these... I love BPAL! Bastet is my faavorite

Frau_Griesgram 1965 days ago

I will have to surrender to BPAL finally. Verdammt.

Ailsa_J_L 1965 days ago

Wow. I want it. Now now now. Yay!!!

waywardrose 1965 days ago


JacobSeiferle 1965 days ago

cupcake splatter parmesan(?) kinesis?
sounds like it will smell great :)

vellocipede 1965 days ago

If "Floater" is meant to be the scent of http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/83/l_30a700c1097f442e82aee3ad9eccf7f9.jpg, I am thoroughly excited.

morningseas 1965 days ago

i love BPAL! please tell me at least one of these will someday be up for sale. :D

rwfoster 1965 days ago

Floater??!? what's that all about?

knowingburns 1966 days ago

PLEASE tell me these will become scents we can buy...

KitCameo 1966 days ago

I really REALLY wish I could work with you guys. Would you mind DMing me with your email, Beth? I wrote Ted on bpal.org, but no response :/

KitCameo 1966 days ago

scents? do they smell like her?