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Smart a!! Waitress at airport said I look nothing like Craig Morgan

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2147 days ago

Smart a!! Waitress at airport said I look nothing like Craig Morgan


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stripedpjs 2145 days ago

Well had she looked at your cheeks on the other end she might have known! lol!

joeyhackett 2146 days ago

At least she didn't say you look like Blake!! Lol

memebake 2146 days ago

You looked like Craig Morgan to me when I seen you Saturday at Magic Springs!!! LOL

tyanmeup 2147 days ago

She must listen to crap...I mean rap LOL

bRiAnA_kygirl 2147 days ago

lol she dont got no clue.... lol bet she likes havin her pic up here :P haha thats what she gits. lol shes smokin somethin! LOL

smith4938 2147 days ago

She doesn't have a clue!

mlgilly 2147 days ago

Stupid girl!!!

annie1986 2147 days ago

Craig Morgan looks nothing like Craig Morgan, good one lady. LOL Obviously she doesn't really know what you look like.

tammicook 2147 days ago

Lmao ..she doesn't even have a clue u took her pic ..

HeidiB921 2147 days ago

Did you share your drink with her? Because she's obviously on something.

okiemom1 2147 days ago

well...there goes her tip!!

Valerie7667 2147 days ago

Wow. She's definitely a big fan! Lol

greeneyeddanger 2147 days ago

obvi she's never met you!

JaninaRS 2147 days ago

really? i think you look just like him. lol waitresses are rude!

candi_g 2147 days ago

UH OH!!!! Where's she at!!! We'll go talk some sense in to that girl!!! Squirt her with that Mustard and Ketchup!!!

curly00315 2147 days ago

well that might be a good thing!