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Done with this armour.

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1091 days ago

Done with this armour.


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LucianoCaffaro 1083 days ago

awsome awsome awsomeeeeeee

BisnagaComOVo 1088 days ago

come in game in friday?

Art_DS_Raja 1089 days ago

nice but chest looks off!

Death_DA 1089 days ago

Uhm this looks a lot like ' armour except a different colour, unless it got into the suggestion shop and this is just the male version, heres what he made : http://twitpic.com/9nk1q7

Teh_Mr_E 1090 days ago

I like it, but I don't love it. Something about it makes me think that it's "so-so". Not bad, but not great either.

LordhaikuAE 1090 days ago

u made zombie ninja o.o u are kewl

LeZerky 1090 days ago


ChrisSkidmore44 1090 days ago

It looks good, but it isn't something I would buy(to use at least).

NtahIsBack 1090 days ago

Looks very nice. :D

Galfor2 1090 days ago


_Zayark_ 1091 days ago

Cloth on the hand blends it into the thigh too much and the things on the shoulder/neck that come onto the chest look a little off otherwise great colour chois and design, I can see you drew some inspiration from Aegis with the cloth as well which I like

Top_AE 1091 days ago

Btw.....is there going to be a helm for this? I would LOVE to see it! :D

Top_AE 1091 days ago

GREAT!!! Now it follows one line! I dont think the hand needs cloth to cover it, but its your designe and i really like, great work!

VertigoBeast 1091 days ago

If this thing is non mem It might just become my main armor :D I just need to find something that matches it.... anyways its awesome :D :D :D Nice Job!!!!

Cody486AE 1091 days ago

Nice Aranx It is a good thing your part of the AE team now :D

Duskkys 1091 days ago

Awesome i likek the color of the armor.