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Gorgeous open venue in Monaco

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2635 days ago

Gorgeous open venue in Monaco


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marcelagregorim 2582 days ago

OMG!pleeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase come to brazil!

Joana_LL 2614 days ago

love the trees!! great show ... as always. Be happy

ginifromfrance 2623 days ago

the concert was amazing. My only regret is that you didn't sing "you and I both" which is my favorite song. Congratulation anyway, you're a great performer!!!

capierotti 2624 days ago

joxiejo 2624 days ago

Jason Mraz is THE best Live Performance I have EVER been too, 1st time I saw him at Hammersmith Appolo, London (& got some quality photos)& HAD to go to more UK venues - not 1 gig is the same!

puffpromotions 2627 days ago

I was there, at The Sporting Club, and it was a memorable night! Merci beaucoup!

Chaarloottie 2628 days ago

this looks great!
are you coming to scotland?

rossanamayer 2629 days ago

When will you probably coming to Brazil????

lanarchie 2630 days ago

everyone in white, only one in green hahaha xD
Nice picture.. see u in German ^^

molldollllll 2633 days ago

ah! can't wait to see you in chicago!!!! :)

PNWCassie 2633 days ago

you know..Spokane has a great open air venue...that YOU will be playing at come September! :D

Toniekins 2634 days ago

great pic, have a weird one of you from oceanfest in Croyde bay where it looks like your flies are undone and you are on display Very very funny (and possibly impressive) 8 0)

puffpromotions 2634 days ago

Went to the concert last night...wow......it was so dreamy! Love the band, Mr Toka, and how you groove...you're right, amazing venue. Also, thanks for the introduction to Charlie Winston..tres groovy. Merci beaucoup.

im_mrazs 2634 days ago

wow :O and the air must be amazing in there :) normally I can't breathe at concerts xD

LINsiri 2634 days ago

^x^ XOXO

camilinhaj 2634 days ago

Jason please, come to Brazil! WE LOVE YOU

Marlon_RdO 2634 days ago

Come to Brazil !!! =]

rina_ch 2634 days ago

come to indonesia please!

princess_anggie 2634 days ago

you look sexy from the back....lol

reytipz 2634 days ago

the vibe is very festive!like the open venue concert...