CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement.

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2486 days ago


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oranj 2338 days ago

Obomber = imperialism with a nice face. the old good cop/bad cop switch. nothing changes.

The_MMentalist 2482 days ago

Chickenhammer!!! To deal with "enemy" (would there be one if there were no imperialism?) is not to become irrational-that makes you a hardcore terrorist to the "other"

nedhamson 2485 days ago

This has to end! On top of being indiscriminate, it violates US Presidential Executive Order against assassinations.

ChickenHammer 2485 days ago

My previous comment is as factual as the text at the bottom of the Code Pink poster. FWIW

The_MMentalist 2485 days ago

Dear Bloody Politicians! You claim you are there becaiuse oif your enemy? Wrong! Your enemy exists because you are there, forcing your brutal and barbaric imtperialism. That makes your own people less safe, and not secured. That is no rocket science.

kingbaby811 2485 days ago

Killing innocent civilians is not the way to root out terrorists. It creates them. The use of drones by any country, the U.S. and Israel especially, has to be banned.

parisla 2485 days ago

Services Committee he said, "They've given rise to a feeling of anger that coalesces the population around extremists and leads to spikes of extremism."

parisla 2485 days ago

Drones that hit civilian targets enrage local populations and become recruiting tools for extremists. Even David Kilcullen, former adviser to General Petraeus, has spoken out against the drones. In testimony to the White House Armed Servi

ChickenHammer 2485 days ago

When terrorists attack... Civilians die!

When the terrorists put their weapons down the US will ground the drones.

Let the terrorists determine how many of their countrymen and women should die.

tarba 2485 days ago

stop .