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it's only awkward if you make it awkward.

New hair! Just a little lighter! terrible picture, but tell me what you think!

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2578 days ago

New hair! Just a little lighter! terrible picture, but tell me what you think!


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hidaniella 2163 days ago

no pic of you is ever terrible <3 youre so pretty, i love your hair :)

meganbonner 2467 days ago

i like it and i can tell the difference

Cyruslaugh 2551 days ago

Can you see one picture of my twitpic It's for the best youtube's singers *.*

Cyruslaugh 2551 days ago

I've one picture in my twitpic of MEGAN & LIZ Can you see please ? I love Megan & Liz !!

Cyruslaugh 2551 days ago

You are so cute *.* Please Can you see my picture about you guys ?

veraciszewska 2554 days ago


rebeccaaa13 2558 days ago

its official lizz, you cant look bad : )

heyPEGGS 2563 days ago

i love your hair! it looks so natural! ahah :)

saravonsega 2574 days ago

I love it :D I don't think it's really possible for you to look bad, you and megan are both SO gorgeous (:

sylviaweff 2576 days ago

Once again: gee, Liz! You look amazing! :)

dreaminthedarkk 2577 days ago

it's cute, i love it! (:

braverthanweare 2577 days ago

So amazing! :) Liz, i love your new hair!

smooch0809 2578 days ago

very cute!!

AndiNoslo 2578 days ago

its cute i really like it!

miorni 2578 days ago

it looks cool :D

sylviaweff 2578 days ago

You look gorgeous, Liz! I'm in love with your hair :)

brittanyleighhh 2578 days ago

your hair is really pretty blondee!

rebeccaaa13 2578 days ago

: ) its so cute. i missed the live chat. now im sad. i will have to look for it on youtube. dang it.

Symone58 2578 days ago

I think you look really pretty and so does your hair! I think I like it better this way than the other way

annie1986 2578 days ago

Looks great on you! You're gorgeous.