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Trying again. Me at my desk. Are you bored yet or what.

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2543 days ago

Trying again. Me at my desk. Are you bored yet or what.


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Xavienne 2542 days ago

I like! Cool computer and I love the itty bitty President!

insimonated 2543 days ago

Your desk is immaculate! If only the skrags I employ were more like you, they'd not all be dropping with Swine Flu, today! HAHA! Wanna job?

anonymoi 2543 days ago

Is the Obama figurine from when you STORMED the WhiteHouse?

McD_I_BE 2543 days ago

your desk is clean as all heck!!!! dirty that joint up!!!

MoTancharoen 2543 days ago

it's an obama figurine.

takewhat 2543 days ago

So the pressure is not getting to you yet, eh?

ZiggyNJ 2543 days ago

It looks like the vanity in a hotel bathroom.

TheMasterGeek 2543 days ago

Them some large-esque glasses. ;)

Famini 2543 days ago

Your desk is so clean! Who's the PEZ man next to tissue box?

jlfergus 2543 days ago

Of course she uses a Mac. She's a WRITER, they ALL use Macs ;)

RJEckhardt 2543 days ago

Geeky glasses ftw!
What musical are you writing at that computer?

spidermann 2543 days ago

You use a Mac. That makes us happy, precious.

tabraz 2543 days ago

Like the glasses! And the random bobblehead in the background :D

Xiantayne 2543 days ago

Never bored. :)