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This is Dave the man in charge of our controls

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2548 days ago

This is Dave the man in charge of our controls


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Trepp 2481 days ago


Lauden_Clear 2538 days ago

Correction: Miranda-"Sugar Kane" Randi- "Sweet Sue"

Lauden_Clear 2538 days ago

How very "Some Like It Hot!" Does that make "Sugar Kane" and Randi "Sweet Sue?"

alfreeland 2541 days ago

shag pile! mmmm...

MrRadio610 2546 days ago

I'm pretty sure that's Neil Rogers our queen on the right!

evansimaging 2548 days ago

Hey Dave! Is this photo from the Neil Rogers & the Bird Days?

noracharles2009 2548 days ago

Dave looks sweet! Where's the pic of Howard?!

Trevorboelter 2548 days ago

He looks exactly how I pictured him - minus the mardi gras beads.

monanashboelter 2548 days ago

More Dave on the radio! He's hilarious and you sound great together!

tapmouse 2548 days ago

I wanna see what Howard looks like! Where's a pic of Howard?

kimykimber 2548 days ago

I'm sure his wife loves this picture too!

neptune5 2548 days ago

soooo, Dave is Father Guido Sarducci?... in a dress?

pittsburghrob 2548 days ago

My pic of Dave, 20 years ago: http://twitpic.com/9pq91

sbdoc93109 2548 days ago

OMG!! Too funny

KyotiRose 2548 days ago

Oh, DAVE!!! Did you forget your pearls? Those plastic beads are SUCH a faux pas!!

rememberearth 2548 days ago

stunning! fabulous dahling!

darkflame470 2548 days ago

who's the other guy?

alfoshar 2548 days ago

uh, dave? i had a dress just like that when i was four years old. if yours is lavender then i now know where it ended up. man, you really stretched that thing out.

thamelin 2548 days ago

that's exactly what I imagined he'd look like... dress and all!

mirandali 2548 days ago

the one on the left, to be specific!