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new shadow zombie slayer set items

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1194 days ago

new shadow zombie slayer set items


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BjorneAQW 1194 days ago

Spears arent in the shop and the sword has a golden glow -_-

VFhone 1194 days ago

I declare the Red Spear..to be ftw! Also great job on this, if only the others are added..

MiItonius 1194 days ago

WOAH! So getting this!

Xzeromus 1194 days ago

Nice! I like this ver better 2. The whole set looks like you put in a lot of hard work! Cheers!

dragontackle 1194 days ago

I guess people assume that AE is a Charity, because obviously they dont need to make money

mephilies 1194 days ago

Goes to AE HQ.
-Makes black version non member
-Make gold version member
yep this make more since

Orphantine 1194 days ago

Sexiness. :D

kartron_ 1194 days ago

yes for members

LegionOfWar_AQW 1194 days ago

I love this version way better. Evil always gets the cooler stuff than the good side.

Top_AE 1194 days ago

I prefer this version (but just because i like darker colors)......the red glows with white doesnt match that good.......but i REALLY like it!! Lucky mems

kelwa32 1194 days ago


VastoLordeRai 1194 days ago

dude so fucking awesome! i hope it comes out soon before i have to leave for a few hours! D:

Paszti_AQW 1194 days ago

What about shadow rune cape ?

AracnidAQW 1194 days ago

I like the cross between the radiant and crown helms. Wish you made a golden one. :(

LegsisSvinx 1194 days ago

least this ones not standing on their own cape like the ones on the DN post lol

Tanapon_chp 1194 days ago

I think the armor is a bit too colorless.......but it's "shadow" so I guess it'll be ok xD

MrFredchr 1194 days ago

Plain epic. :O

0ShadowStories 1194 days ago

i like this better

ZalandriaAE 1194 days ago

I'm liking the Polearms. :)

CoreyTheAussie 1194 days ago

Very nice, my dark ally.