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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

#gorncannon story meeting

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2336 days ago

#gorncannon story meeting


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TacieJ1 2249 days ago

I can't wait to see this episode.

Renegade120860 2332 days ago

So should we expect to see a 6 foot Gorn target made out of Ballistics Gel???

JOJOnCoffee 2333 days ago


stephanie2967 2333 days ago

I am so looking forward to this episode, I can't even tell you :)

Fricoteca 2334 days ago

I'm with bethlyyn at this. Who's putting on the foam suit?

peSHIr 2334 days ago

Proff all those RTs with the #gormcannon tag actually worked! Can't wait for the episode. Glad we could help... ;-)

turn_self_off 2334 days ago

why am i thinking tree-trunk cannon, only with the catastrophic failure at first shot?

bethlyyn 2335 days ago

For that episode someone *needs* to wear a lizard costume . LOL

PepsimanX 2336 days ago

allowing the bamboo to contain and focus the blast of the makeshift gunpowder.
/end trekgeek

PepsimanX 2336 days ago

When author James Blish novelized this episode in his series of Star Trek novels, he mentioned that this particular piece of bamboo grew in an area with some sort of metal deposits in the soil, that actually strengthened the bamboo, thus allowi

marcusgood 2336 days ago

I'm sure Tory will be wearing a Gorn costume at some point, and then falling over in it.

stevefah 2336 days ago

Grant, I hope this is the first of a whole raft of ST myths you guys bust!

thecarie 2336 days ago

i love how grant and the whiteboard-gorn have the same expression in this shot. ☺

dundua 2336 days ago

nice drawing

Ezrasleo 2336 days ago

It's always wonderful to see someone who Really enjoys their work! I'm also a proud Trekkie - I hope your pitch was successfully received!

greeneyedhalo 2336 days ago

I wish I was in meetings like that all day.

SamiB89 2336 days ago

Ah, the classics. I am eagerly awaiting that episode. Then again, I eagerly await EVERY episode of Mythbusters.

seanyodarouse 2336 days ago

Yes! But why does the Gorn look like Barney wearing shorts and wielding a sword?

DanOrDanny 2336 days ago

Good luck with those diamonds! I'd trade it all for a phaser, or a good solid club.

ahgrefer 2336 days ago

You really look like you just went "MWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!" :-)