How the Ovulona™ helps: 
An example of a non-baseline menstrual cycle with delayed ovulation and short luteal phase (only 9 days, which is abnormal). 
This record illustrates how our OvulonaTM device can detect the effect of stress on the course of the menstrual cycle. Non-baseline refers to any real-life female with all the stressors of our daily life, with no baseline simplifications of conditions.
Consequently… stressors interfere with precise timing of release of reproductive hormones such as the frequency and amplitude of the gonadotrophin-releasing hormone and LH pulses, and thus delay the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge that triggers ovulation.
And the stressors may even cause the Ms. to forget her daily measurement (missing data on days 10 and 11), in spite of which the pattern is discernible and interpretable in terms of “go/no go” (or “safe/unsafe”, as some may put it).
You clearly see how much more informative the Ovulona cyclic profile is compared to the BBT, which is shown below it for comparison.