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Is this A: Cav in green. B: Kermit the Frog. C: Apple Jelly Bean. ??????

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1899 days ago

Is this A: Cav in green. B: Kermit the Frog. C: Apple Jelly Bean. ??????


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Lindyvd 1854 days ago

I think it's answer C .. a good looking jelly bean lol

DivanDiva 1882 days ago

Cav - you may not get to stay in green & you won't stay young & cocky either, but you are turning out great. Keep growing up sweetie!

unslugged 1887 days ago

Cav should be wearing this on Sunday. That disqualification was ridiculous. Good luck to you all for the final few days.

brazen_bikes 1890 days ago

Dude Thor took your jersey. Get it back.

drdouglasrice 1893 days ago

I can just see the movie deal...Cav as the Riddler in the next batman movie. Add a couple of ???? and you have the outfit!

Pouwnage 1893 days ago

B ??

zanzibar00 1893 days ago

It must be Kermit the Frog.. yes, they said that he is faster then a frog, but Thor got the shirt now.. So he's not so fast after all.. :]

mktingcoach 1894 days ago

Cav - we want you to wear green at Tour of Missouri too....perhaps you can throw a little muscle our way? http://savethetourofmissouri.blogspot.com/

MissyAnneH 1897 days ago

He does look amazing in green though, doesn't he? Hope he's able to hang onto it!

Techquilla 1898 days ago

go HTC!

Fischwaite 1899 days ago

Quite possibly the male equivalent to the green M&M...yummy

ringcycles 1899 days ago

MegA has it right. Absolutley The Riddler. "its not easy being green..."

stewbee40 1899 days ago

That's just too weird. The helmet color is off, yuck!

vanmanjumps 1899 days ago

"I'm a gummy bear, oh I'm a yummy tummy funny lucky gummy bear!" I'm sure Cav wouldn't want it any other way - keep it guys, great Tour so far!!!

lepetitoiseau 1899 days ago

LOL!!! - D) The Green Hornet. Feel the sting of his wind as he goes buzzing past.

stevecycles200 1899 days ago

D: Money - As when it comes to the sprint, dude is MONEY!

garylee007 1899 days ago

Cav, you look like Green Lizzie from breakfast TV all those years ago.....she had a better body than you though...lol

sette9 1899 days ago

He also has green eyes? lovely...