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New armour for Friday.. Brainz? ^_^ enjoy.

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829 days ago

New armour for Friday.. Brainz? ^_^ enjoy.


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AlanzaDemonica 792 days ago

YOU designed the Undead Ninja set? You own, man. :D

Paul_Apollo 828 days ago

Love it! I think you should make it a little more damaged.

cageman3029 828 days ago

This is honestly amazing!

FusMan4ever 828 days ago

I love that he has an arrow in the knee.

02sen 829 days ago

i love this armor aran keep up the good work! :D

Top_AE 829 days ago

....shading, lol :P I think its the best zombie armor!! Maybe after the gusrdian one

Orphantine 829 days ago

I used to be a zombie slayer, but then I took an arrow to the face.

Top_AE 829 days ago

lol for that arrow right on the brain and cool! The ninja star on the head looks weird, the knuckles are too big and a not importat thing maybe is the knee-protector, which is slightly brighter than the rest of the armor and the diamonds with a simpler sh

Megas_Light 829 days ago


XnaraArts 829 days ago

Thank you guys! glad you all like it :))! /cheers

aqw_eeedy 829 days ago

very nice work aranx ;)

Orphantine 829 days ago


NiciAQW 829 days ago

Look at that awesomenessssss! Loving the details! =D

MrFredchr 829 days ago

Awesome. :O

bossmikeyAQ 829 days ago

Oh'' btw just a idea remember them Yokai soilders could Zombiefy one of them :D

Im_No_AngelAQW 829 days ago

Oh i like this :D ..But..are they flip flops on his feet? O_O

Veneeria_AQW 829 days ago

they see me sneeakin' ..they hatin' .. i don't care as long has brains on my hands!

LuisHenriqueLH 829 days ago

brainz!!! nice armor,Aranx

PicosaAqw 829 days ago


bossmikeyAQ 829 days ago

Nice hopeyou still working on that Top hat bud :D