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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

Shot of the cars from the new video.welcome to the future everybody.

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2606 days ago

Shot of the cars from the new video.welcome to the future everybody.


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MeggKillough 2598 days ago

Wow that is some nice hardware there! Brad looks like he is running from them though. Did their beauty scare him, lol!

bren_davis 2598 days ago

Awesome..two of my favorite things..Brad Paisley and Hot!

monkeefan4ever 2598 days ago

ohhh nice cars.. can't wait to see the vid

annie1986 2598 days ago

This makes me want to see the video now! :) But you should have had a 1969 camaro in there. hehe

bpchick32 2602 days ago

i agree with rmhenthorn you do the math should be the next single. i love that song! great math equation!

rmhenthorn 2604 days ago

also...i think You do the Math should be the next single...i have an idea for the video...i have one for welcome to the future too, but i guess i am too i just need to become a video director so it can be made.

rmhenthorn 2604 days ago

i absolutely love the new album...i do believe it is the best one yet...and the last verse of welcome to the future gives me chills everytime...and No is so powerful...looking forward to the next one because i am sure they will only get better!

62mr 2604 days ago

Cook - cant wait to see the new video! Love the new CD - you never cease to amaze me . . I have watched you grow over the years :)

silverflare 2604 days ago

welcome to the future huh. i love that song, and, i ;love youre new album, it's spectacular.

Kristian_16 2604 days ago

Oh gah. The new corvette has to be the greatest car ever. You should of put a 1968 shelby mustang GT. But that's just a suggestion :)

BBGB4Me 2605 days ago

Can't wait to see... ur one great artist

MrsTmnz06 2605 days ago

Can't wait to see the video! The new CD is pretty awesome :-)

Jlapper 2605 days ago

Love the cars. Love the new cd, I cried at so many songs, especially at anything like me. I have two grown boys and the story spoke for itself. Thanks Brad for that!!

jmspenn 2605 days ago

Very nice choice of cars! Can't wait for the video.

kimwizdom 2605 days ago

Very nice.....send more pics from the video. We can't wait.

hamptons27 2605 days ago

Awesome!! They are beautiful, can't wait to see the video!

deeyuro 2605 days ago

BEAUUUUUUtiful! I really really want the one on the right! :)

Jenpaisley 2605 days ago

those cars are almost as hot as the

AustinLee74 2605 days ago

don't know about that future Vette!

kimlewis623 2605 days ago

That stingray is amazing! It looks like the one from transformers. Can't wait to see the video it's going to be great!