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Bartender at Host of MuggleCast, Hype, and Hype After Dark.

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1870 days ago


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JADEbernadette 1833 days ago

what the hecksey?? i paid 70 dollars for my copy of Half-Blood Prince alone? where the heck is this?? In Canada the whole series goes for 200 bucks

bslistener 1869 days ago


AshleeBrookeG 1870 days ago

Oooh i need another Sorceror's Stone book.. mine is all ragged from me reading it so much! But that is actually a reasonable price for all of those! i'm glad they are all in paperback now.. are the Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows sold in paper bac

cheesebagel101 1870 days ago

it's so beautifully complete :) if i had any money at all i'd buy it. and i really had no idea books 1 and 2 are so thin! memories of reading them coming back..

_magen 1870 days ago

i wud still buy it b|c i love the paperbacks ! =]

zembot 1870 days ago

How is that overpriced? That's $10 per paperback. Compared to a $27 hardcover...

inafreak 1870 days ago


under_control 1870 days ago

$69.54? daayyyyum.