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2707 days ago


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KALiAs404 2700 days ago

That shiggidy is ugly please dont do that.

lauralu13 2704 days ago

Not sure about the jacket but like the kilt. You'd definitely be able to pull off a kilt!
That's Sauchiehall Street I think..

mahoganyfoxx 2705 days ago

Loving the kilt and I bet you would look sexy in it. But, you would have to be straight up pimp with it. You couldn't relax your swagger with it..lol!

kittylaroo 2705 days ago

Check down for Sam L Jackson is kilt. You should have bought it!

isis218 2706 days ago

Yuh, Mon, that kilt is hot!!!

zeta0400 2706 days ago

B4 U by one, show us your knees first.

LadyT3XTheLady 2706 days ago, Driis in a kilt...u can pull it off..look at cha!

Thatz_Debz 2706 days ago

Wow!!! (silence...lost train of thought) Aahhhhhhh No...LOL!!!!

Sirdiable 2706 days ago

Kilt huh??? Ummmm . . . jury's still out on that one. (lol) But if anybody could pull it off, I'm sure you could! ;0)

CoolMama7 2706 days ago

Why not ?? I say go for it, some people think if a man wears a kilt he's not all man, not so. I dated a man who wore a kilt and he was all man.

natasha74 2706 days ago

D, why didn't you? Maybe not that color exactly. A dark chocolate or Navy blue. But if you took a picture in that, that would've been too funny. I would've been like Driis has gone Scottish now. lol

LadyT3XTheLady 2706 days ago


LadyT3XTheLady 2706 days ago

I agree w/sweetasberries, U COULD PULL IT OFF! I never thought Maxi coats and biker shorts for men could be pulled off, but they did and it was all gravy! You should have purchased it and started a new fad..I think it is sexy as hell!

sweetasberries 2706 days ago

i think u could pull it off!!!

drkarengreene 2707 days ago

I haven't seen anything like this on the other side of the pond. ;)

sisterqueen111 2707 days ago

This is soooo funny! Would like to see what you would like in this! smile

TMarieAugusta 2707 days ago

That's the ONLY black man you'll EVER see in a kilt!!!

aNaLIzEMe 2707 days ago


HeyKenya 2707 days ago

Nah, not sexy at all.

AbsoluteVenus 2707 days ago

you'll feel fancy free in that one mate...love the pen stripes!