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@MiltoniusArts @Nulgath @KingKlunk The bound angel (edited).

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1527 days ago

The bound angel (edited).


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Shenrir 1500 days ago

Am likez it. I love the colors you used. But her biceps are... disturbing. Chest is a bit awkward.

ImNotOnl 1500 days ago

*wallet* How much is she?

AgyronJ 1510 days ago

I want One

G73DZ 1513 days ago

You follow the steps of Miltonius my friend

50ShadesOfDJWS 1527 days ago

nice work love how you used your shading but why did you go with pale colours?

Im_No_AngelAQW 1527 days ago

I Love this Rev..But i think a lil work is needed on her arms, the elbows look a lil off!

Megas_Light 1527 days ago

Nice work!

Bladebrawl 1527 days ago

Really awesome work, love all the affects. By the way, that girl is kinda sorta nude. :P

Paul_Apollo 1527 days ago

Man that girl is hot! I love this design. But maybe you should put like some cloth over her body.

aftermass 1527 days ago

it's not that hard to understand

Cowctus 1527 days ago

Because wearing clothes is too mainstream. Nice work again man, wish I could understand human anatomy like that.

ValhasDrew 1527 days ago

Nice work, I really like how much you've improved.

RyuMonk 1527 days ago

vary nice

Mayhem_GS 1527 days ago

Wow, that is amazing. A concept that would've never crossed my head. Amazing and unique! :)

Skulliey 1527 days ago

hey do you think i could do some art for oversoul