Greg Grunberg


Love Bites(NBC) Group Sex(iTunes), Ex-Hero, Plt Oceanic 815, Inventor of FREE APP Yowza!!,,, Ex-CIA, Ex-Blumberg, Kirk's StepDad.

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2639 days ago


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thewallachina 2635 days ago

dood that does look awesome

redheaded1 2638 days ago

Oh GOD that looks delicious. Nom nom nom.

A_M_designs 2638 days ago

That looks freakin' delicious...*wants sushi now*

Tonknicity 2638 days ago

OMG. I could so eat all of that. Okay, maybe not. Bu

OMG. I could so eat ALL of that. Okay, maybe not but I sure as hell would try.

A5J4DX 2638 days ago

im hungry myself right now lol its 3.25am :o

Angelized_1st 2638 days ago

That looks sooo good!!

bluray1979 2638 days ago

That... is an insane amount of sushi.

erikroos 2638 days ago

My jealousy is palpable.

tinkerbellbones 2638 days ago


jplushh 2638 days ago

I just watched a program about parasites. I think my sushi days are over! There's always tempura though...and sake

scarletcat 2638 days ago

Yumm, let's see... I'll take a tuna, eel... is that a spicy tuna roll?

Leonessa1980 2638 days ago

Yummi Yammi!

Diva_Luscious_B 2638 days ago

You may be into Sushi, but i think that shit is nasty. LOL but hay get ur eat on, and then go kick his ass for teasing you. LOL

liverpool2sex 2639 days ago

OMG I now feel really hungry! I love sushi! That's just cruel!!! Lol x

tastyvocals 2639 days ago


Kyrina 2639 days ago

Now I crave sushi and I entirely blame you!

ThePamKoo 2639 days ago

And you call him your FRIEND?!