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I had this conversation today, and just felt like drawing it.

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1624 days ago

I had this conversation today, and just felt like drawing it.


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MCSpaceCadet 1577 days ago

This one reminds me a lot of Duplex Planet. Did you ever read any of those? Some are quite good.

dtoidniero 1581 days ago

the sweetest thing

EverydayMick 1583 days ago

Finlay's drawn great, when he looks at the walker, his expression when asked what he's doing later.

lachelsa 1587 days ago

Yes, you're precious. (I mean that nicely.) Just lovely.

delzey 1588 days ago

this makes me want to say, you are my hero. is that weird or what? well, there it is.

the_Seawench 1618 days ago

You. Are the most endearing person I have never met.

onionb0y 1619 days ago

I don't think that it's sad @ all, I think that going out of your way to spend some time with that old coot was a good thing. Old people enjoy visitors. Loved the comic, I always enjoy your work.

whatsername2009 1623 days ago

This is so sad, but so beautiful. He sounds like a great guy.

Choc113 1623 days ago

good for you for making the effort to seek him out:) Most of us don't and later regret it:(

marcoiks 1624 days ago

not that i dont love your jokes,the panel where he says he remembers is really sad. u should do more like these