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1291 days ago


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XCaliburXxX 1239 days ago

The Demon Angel kinda looks like a small child.

ImNotOnl 1277 days ago


LeZerky 1285 days ago

Loincloth is indeed very nice shaded. He looks like a kid, but a powerful kid XD

DarkonDrago 1288 days ago

Gotta love this. The loincloth shading is very nice. Man... really love your helmet xD

Xaayer_The_Grey 1289 days ago

Nice! A custom body for OS? So far I've only seen a basic more-muscular male and a fiend bodytype

Paul_Apollo 1290 days ago

Yeah, I had to agree with The skinny one is more better than the other look. Anyway, nice job

mturf 1290 days ago

i like the skinnier look. nice work

TheDynamism 1290 days ago

Amazing design. Have to agree with though more muscle tone. I <3 those wings BTW.

JerazLFNZ 1290 days ago

looking good buddy

MindseyeAE 1290 days ago

Nulgath Larvae only older.

Veneeria_AQW 1290 days ago


LegionOfWar_AQW 1290 days ago

Kinda flat on the chest. try to add more muscle tone to it.

bossmikeyAQ 1290 days ago

Awesome Artwork :D

Zinrio666 1291 days ago

You look like the darkside of cupid.

LuisHenriqueLH 1291 days ago

kid Revontheus!!!! :P

ZeMageAE 1291 days ago


kens_malice 1291 days ago

he is an immortal never ages so yes he has the figure of a young teen but is older than us XD tell me if im right Bill

ValhasDrew 1291 days ago

Looks quite small, don't you think? Has the form of a boy.