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Pic of Reverend Jesse Jackson, Teddy Riley and me outside the Staples Center.

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2609 days ago

Pic of Reverend Jesse Jackson, Teddy Riley and me outside the Staples Center.


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KeishaLove 2609 days ago

Nice pic. For those who don't know, Teddy Riley is a successful producer. He produced "Jam" "Remember the Time" & "Keep it in the Closet"(among others) for MJ.

squared6 2609 days ago

teddy riley looks like he's dressed for the club... WT?!?!?

squared6 2609 days ago

you are doing a great job but try to soak up the experience too.

perfectlyalex 2609 days ago

I thought you would be the tallest in that group.

mspsmile 2609 days ago

Very nice picture! Don, are you covering...i'm listenig online and it sounds like you.

dyanward 2609 days ago

Great picture...Don you have done a great on covering the memorial for Michael Jackson.

devotion16 2609 days ago

- Teddy Riley is the father of New Jack Swing...R&B music..

TheCFiles 2609 days ago

Who is Teddy Riley?

kamacar 2609 days ago

Love the pic.. dont think JJ is an asshole as the comment below indicates; he is just a human being with feelings like everyone else.. But Don.. I see the blackberry is never far from the owner.. I dig it..

THEnW0RD 2609 days ago

this photo is awesome. and to the person below , jessie jackson isnt deserving of such a title. he was at my school last year and was very inspiring ! . . . rest in peace mj .

NaijaCandy 2609 days ago

Such a diverse bunch... All for the live and respect for One man! RIP MJ

thetrudz 2609 days ago

Cool pic Don. I remember your interview w/Riley. He was so sad. Healing comes w/time.

TalkingWithTami 2609 days ago

Nice pic of you and Teddy!Jesse Jackson no comment! shrugs!

msva757 2609 days ago

What an honor! I wish I was there sharing this special event with you all

DivinityKnight 2609 days ago

what a terrible time for a meeting... It really doesn't feel like he's really gone...

Avah 2609 days ago

I enjoyed the interview you did with Teddy Riley earlier this morning

candidgyal 2609 days ago

Nice photo of 3 accomplished black brothers.

IammsGigi 2609 days ago

nice but this moment is still surreal

GoBeGreat 2609 days ago

Jesse Jackson is an asshole. (sorry, but he is)