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Co-Creator: Mortal Kombat. Creative Director: NetherRealm Studios

Excited about MK9 and WB, but wish we could have released DLC for MKvsDC. Here's a peek..

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2708 days ago

Excited about MK9 and WB, but wish we could have released DLC for MKvsDC. Here's a peek..


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WNRobortella 2478 days ago

I like the classic outfit of Quan Chi, it's more evil! ò.ó Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa XD

m4v4d0 2504 days ago

Hi-res suits very well to "Mortal kombat" ! MK9 project is so exciting ! It's a great chance for fans that we can still wait for a new MK, after the dead of Midway !

AdrianCanFly 2539 days ago

every one should be in mk9 and more :) and a story mode with your created charecter

chrisrobchris 2627 days ago

nice pictuer but i'm very disappointed that theirs not any dlc for mk vs. dc

chrisrobchris 2627 days ago

i wish the was dlc, an update or some thing,DAMN!!!! . mk9 better have everything me and the fans want MAN!!• O'and nice picture too!!

MasterRey 2644 days ago

Nolan Bushnell was exited too. hehehe

Gogafem 2644 days ago

He should deffinetly be in MK9!

IWillNotDie46 2683 days ago

Why wont u guys release it????

Frater0082 2685 days ago

i wished that harley and quan chi were in that game as two bonus fighters they would make a good fight, i wonder how spooky the characters will look in the next game

Frater0082 2685 days ago

Nice render Quan chi looks scary in the face really he does. hey ed i have question for ya will there be a konquest mode in mk9 will it be gory and more defined will it have some of the gameplay like Armageddon's konquest?

Frater0082 2685 days ago

hye ed

Frater0082 2685 days ago

hye ed i am really excited about the next game quan chi looks great. i have a question what are we as fans should expect for this dark and grittier kombat what would konquest be like would it be much like Armageddon's but with a more gorier twist to it?

SektorTF2 2686 days ago

My brother's favourites always been quan chi he was so gutted they made a proper character model for Quan Chi but never had him as a playable character. heres hoping sektor to be in mk9!!

edgettaclue 2691 days ago

do you even ask or care about what the fans want? or are you in your own little word making games for yourself? because nobody likes your shit 3-d mk games

pockettown4life 2693 days ago

all i'm hoping 4 is a good mk game without the infinites could ya'll get some quality game testers PLEASE INFININTES KILLS THE GAME

shaheen5 2694 days ago

Wish coming MK game is the best in MK history... I did this colored sketch to show you how i imagined MK's Jax. http://twitpic.com/b0ray

shane318 2697 days ago

If you emulate what SF4 did and bring MK back to the roots and with new technology and old fighting mechanics,then Mk will return to popularity and be competitive again,mk1,mk2,umk3. SF4 revamped old game and its the #1 fighter out in the world

shane318 2697 days ago

i support you ED, you are the man, but i just think you need to realize that MK is no longer a competitive game and hasnt been in years. the game mechanics that you use forbid the game from being in tourneys and forbid them from mass popularity, people in

shane318 2697 days ago

and if you throw a game on 360 and ps3, you have to fix bugs and glitches. these games cant get abandoned (like mk vs dc) once they are thrown on ps3 and 360.

shane318 2697 days ago

Street fighter 4 is sooo good that Gamestop holds SF4 tournaments, will MK9 be a game that people can compete in to the point that Gamestop will have tourneys? please return to the roots of competitive MK gameplay,2-d,derived from MK2 and UMK3