Everyone already know or have heard rumors that Chris Brown is very "thin", there have been many speculations and among them there is a test, the pictures of Christopher smoking a cigarette somewhat "strange" set of recordings (Till I Die) where he makes participation with Khallifa Wiz and Snoop Dog, long known to be users and do apologize for cannabis, marijuana (cannabis). and all of us (Team Breezy) we are fully aware of the historic "fatal" for many artists, drug users, among them large names such as Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Bob marley.Muitos will say he is already a man and knows wHAT does, but who here has already thought of her idol turned off to dance, weak to do their shows, losing his breath to sing or simply getting cancer? That is why we are here in this campaign, created by "LiveCB" and affiliations of various fan clubs Chris Brown! the campaign is simple, just have a twitter and tweet the following sentence to reply to it ~ "@Chrisbrown i have a message for you.Chris Brown stop smoking,the Team Breezy implore ! We love you ♥" ~ at least 5 times dia.Sabemos by the value that has TEAMBREEZY for him, we also know that we are the only ones who can speak all this, we are the "weak spot him," why he thanks every day Teambreezy ♥ PLEASE SHARE/DICLOSES THIS PHOTO !