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182 Bowling in Seattle!!

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2706 days ago

182 Bowling in Seattle!!


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Finding_Mate 2190 days ago

I dont know 'bout bowling :(, but according to the previous comt, it's a good result :))

GuriaNojenta 2192 days ago

congrats *-*

BabyMcCartney 2211 days ago

u rock <3 <3 love you <3

Beliebedrauhl 2251 days ago

Woooow....i love you ♥

TheBananaYT 2271 days ago

If i went bowling with Jesse he'd kick my ass... probably the highest score ive ever got is 150 or so !!

BZAHRA 2299 days ago

You're the beeeeeeeeest ♥♥

iRockGomez 2323 days ago

OMG You reached 182?? Great Job!!

musichime 2324 days ago

Damn boy you're good!

DeekshaBisht 2324 days ago

gud job

jay_are21 2327 days ago

yaaa seattle 206

BabyAngel_Jesse 2327 days ago

i dunno how to play this game but i think ur doin great ;)

jessesoul 2378 days ago

WOOOW good job boy ,and ican't stop saying i love you

opanda4 2468 days ago

lmaoo aww the first guy only got 78

kokobear1 2574 days ago

wow impressive:)

missrobinlynn 2597 days ago

Dude.. seriously? Bragging up a 182?? lol thats kinda cute... If your in MI I could give you a lesson sometime! =P

oxshannyxo 2597 days ago

good job jesse good job :P plus PLEASE REPLY TO ME ONE DAY!!! haha :D and also im STILL waiting for you to come to australia but i guess thats never gonna happen :P get your butt over here!!!!!! :D im actually serious by the way hahah

x3joana 2598 days ago

ahah jesse you are the best. ilusfdm

riley2013 2678 days ago

i can beat that :P
im actually pretty good.

ashkapaun 2680 days ago

wow im totally not that good

sarah974 2681 days ago

it's awesome, you're so good at bowling, i love all of your songs and it was so great if you come in reunion island to sing