Heeeeeeey :D
 Yes I am the crazy one who wants to go out with you!
Well, actually I'm not sure what a 'date'. Because I never had one. What would we do? If you come to the Caribbean which is where I live, what do we would do that day? Cinema? Walk in the park? A lunch together? You tell me about your life? What's a first date?? Let's find out together? haha: D
 I'm writing this because I really want to find out who's Christian Beadles. Is this kid even sweet, sexy and shy? This boy, crazy and fun? Romantic? The downside of having a platonic love, it's not really know who I love. I love that Christian, the videos on youtube, which is nice and help people. I think if we spend a day together, I know who you are, but will be too late to change of the love I feel for you.
But, don't want scare you, do not think I have unhealthy obsession for you, ok? Haha. I live my new life in the Dominican Republic (I am Brazilian but I live here). And I have some friends and etc ... But when I lay my head on the pillow and make plans .. Yes you're always in them. I've tried to get you off my head, but.. all in vain!
At this "forst date" that you're promoting, I would like to meet you, to talk, laugh, make a friendship with you, because I know as much as I dream.. But i know that everything of that i will have of you is friendship. We are too distant to have something), unfortunately): I have to be realistic. And I thank you for everything, because even from a distance .. I know that you help others. My dream since I was 9 years old, is be a actress. And then I found you on youtube I realized that I was not alone in this world, you also fight for that dream. And one of my wishes is to make a movie on your side, you know? Yes, I dream high!
I have a great friend and she always makes me crazy proposals like this: "Hey, I give all my money for six months. You choose IT, or really want to get out with Christian '. Looks a lot of money: the "and I say" No money will be able to make me give up this crazy dream of mine to find this kid. " Even my mom thinks it's funny ... But it is my desire, then .. I will fight for it! I really would be VERY happy if I could say "I finally met him,see your face. After almost three years, dreaming about it every night. "
Now, imagine that would be crazy .. I do not speak fluent English, you do not speak Portuguese .. Imagine what we would do a whole day together? we would be doing mime? Using online translator? Do you speak Spanish? That would be our only way out! But, seriously .. Would not it be funny? . Actually I'm very shy, I guess I'm just saying I love you, because I'm not in your front. I'm afraid to say those things to you .. You must think me a fool; l But it is my reality, then .. That's it. I will pray every night.. but God knows of my dream and I know better than anyone he never put that dream in my heart, if I was not come true.
But even if I not be the girl chosen .. I want you to know that I'll be cheering for a that 'first date' be really cool. Because above all, I want your happiness. Be it me or not! Yeah, I do not know how to show..how i Love You and wish you next to me !
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Send a Kiss Caitlin please. Haha. God bless you my little man (:
 Love Love Love.