Kim Munley


I live a good life....a hard one, but I go to sleep peacefully @ night knowing that I may have made a difference in someone's life.

Freedom Fest, 4 July 2009

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2551 days ago

Freedom Fest, 4 July 2009


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thalasso_ski 1961 days ago

cranialight 2420 days ago

God Bless you and your family!

keysoffaith 2423 days ago

You represent all this Nation is about; the Land of the Free,Home of the Brave! Thank you SO MUCH for helping insure that!

Mamzelle_Mia 2423 days ago

We are sending you a lot of positive energy from rock girl! take care !!

Mic_Z 2423 days ago

We continue to pray for your recovery. You are so brave and represent what makes Americans great! Thank You!!!

DJ_Panama 2424 days ago

Thanks a lot Sgt. Munley ... your heroics are traveling the world ... thank you for your bravery and for making this world a little bit better with our actions.

DJ_Panama 2424 days ago

Proud son, father and husband says thank you Sgt. Munley ... your heriocs acts are traveling the world.

petekosednar 2424 days ago

Get well soon. You are a true hero!

jan001 2425 days ago

Well done, Sgt. Munley. Of course you have much to do in your recovery, but know that people all over America are with you, including this retired cop.

rdouglass1971 2425 days ago

You get some rest girl. I am in deep prayer for you and your family. I am so proud of you for your strength and courage.

Jaaus 2425 days ago

Thank YOU

Jaaus 2425 days ago

GOD BLESS You!! Have a speedy and miraculous recovery! Warm regards from Australia!

mvfipher 2425 days ago

Good job Sergent Munley, and thank you. Thanks also to all the men and women like you that have sacrificed in the passed, are sacrificing now, and will sacrifice in the future. Get well soon and I'll fighting for peace you can get yourself less risky jo

sundance1940 2425 days ago

Sgt Kim: Thank you for your Bravery! This Country will reward you in a Special Way, mark my word!

~Bob Lewis~

'Nam '68

TishTheBayBee 2425 days ago

God Bless You Sgt Kimberly Munley. You are what we need more of, "A Hero" :) I pray you get better soon :) Much Love and Repsect ~Tish

satie_gossett 2426 days ago

Kim we pray for your speedy recovery and courageous actions. If you would like to be profiled on Heroes Among Us. Please reply to my twitter page or email me at Thanks

ThomasNorthup 2426 days ago

From a former Ft Hood soldier… THANKS for being so brave and get better soon!

ricmhj 2426 days ago

Kim, Thank you very much for what you did! You acted bravely and prevented more harm to our soldiers and stopped the evil! God Bless you!

Fuzzywumpus 2426 days ago

You have indeed made a difference is so many lives. I know that you wont see yourself as one, but you are a true Hero.