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For those asking about #zuneHD: It's awesome! Great UI, great feel. Don't know about battery life yet, mine hasn't run out.

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2784 days ago

For those asking about #zuneHD: It's awesome! Great UI, great feel. Don't know about battery life yet, mine hasn't run out.


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Michael0360 2759 days ago

Very smooth Lookin' like all Zunes are, but now it's touch can't wait to get one.

slwuerzburg 2778 days ago

IST not seperated by audio & video... guess what else is up? Some peeps would rather listen to music and radio with a "MP3 Player" and not browsing through 50k awesome apps like ibeer *oh snap*!!! have phun m8

slwuerzburg 2778 days ago

Love the UI! Cant wait to get my hands on one of these beauties! Apple junksters just STFU&Come back when you got decent Podcast support... oh wait... you can flick with you fingazzz trough teh podcats... now i get why they are in a LONG ASS L

csi24 2778 days ago

I can't wait to get my hands on this! I still have my original 30gb that I'm using right now. So this will be a lovely addition

saifzahir 2778 days ago

Drop dead gorgeous. I still have my 2G 80GB version...I am torn.

JeffreyByron 2778 days ago

yeah i know thats so annoying, people forget or don't seem to be smart enough to check the info on the Zune HD to find out that this thing is not just another music trinket, its pretty much an entire notebook or netbook, people

neverstill 2778 days ago

me want zune hd

petethefreeze 2779 days ago

It looks OK, but the fact that only 2,5 albums fit on the screen doesn't bode well for people browsing 80's compilation CD's.. They will get multitouch RSI..

chillyjames 2779 days ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this! UI is looking very slick.

blueh4t 2779 days ago

i think i will change my mind about getting ipod to this beauty thing

TheNobleJustin 2779 days ago

Eh... Not impressed... Looks like an LG Prada phone with a snazzy UI... I guess a few people might get one? I can't say I will...

silentkillersk 2779 days ago

why do people say they wont buy it because it "dose not have a app store" "or its not big enough" but just to point out that with xbox live arcade and xbox live community games if they bring that to the zune there set and the games and xbox stuff should b

Jenkman_91 2779 days ago

Let me know when this thing has a decent app store, has over 50,000 apps for download, over a billion apps downloaded from that app store, and is backed with the best customer service in the industry. Thank Apple. If it wasn't for the iPhone, their would

MrLanMan 2779 days ago

Lookin good. Wil be getti one of these upon uk release

austin312 2779 days ago

i want it NOW.
plus have you checked the web, everyones saying this is its marketplace but...doesnt look like it.

lebeau32 2779 days ago

I will wait on the 64, the 32 will probably not be enough for me having the 80 gb right now. Wish they gave a time period for that one.

gilmorebrandon 2779 days ago

Wow this is absolutley gorgeous. This literally makes me weak in knees in excitement. I want one. Keep up the great work Zune team.

UnnDunn 2779 days ago

The device certainly looks nice, but the UI looks a little over-designed to me.

chris559944 2781 days ago

It does definitely take an image of the band for the background right? Or is that just speculation?

1dl23 2782 days ago

It's a pretty HD thing, Need 64 gigs will travel a mile to get one.