Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

Exiting through my left leg

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2573 days ago

Exiting through my left leg


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xShawnBoyx 2373 days ago

This is your brain, this is your brain in Weird Al's hand, any questions?

Hlyrox 2446 days ago

You know, I find it truly amazing that Al can match his shirts with his shoes.....cause there both so crazy I would find it impossible.

arulnick 2525 days ago

They stuck Weird Al in a room full of people and said "look it's Weird Al in 3-D". Rofl!

ragooza 2554 days ago

im freaking out right now... are you turning peoples brains bright pink in there?? in 3D!?

VegeDancer 2562 days ago

Ha ha cute!

ChaneTheFirst 2568 days ago

I love your shoes they are amazing... ps. I am a huge fan of you Al.

Erikatbus 2570 days ago

A new way of putting your leg behind your head?

glenomenon 2572 days ago

God I wish I could pull of those shoes.

KEARGLE 2572 days ago


CelesteKeenan 2572 days ago

I can think of about a dozen jokes for this picture. "Kick it to the man Al!" Is one of them.

almostdangerous 2572 days ago

That sounds like it should be a Zappa album.

dcjurgens 2572 days ago

lol funny hair

Dan_Gross 2572 days ago

Why man he doth bestride the narrow world like a colossus and we petty men walk under his huge legs and tweet about...

YouIsPurple 2572 days ago

haha love it.

XSarenkaX 2572 days ago

I love the crazy hair. I wish I had curls like you, Al.

DovSucar 2572 days ago

Break a leg, AL! LOL!

CrybKeeper 2572 days ago

Mwahahaaaa. Great hook Al. I just had to look.

iwa26 2573 days ago


CootieB 2573 days ago

I was worried there for a second. LOL! Nice Pic!

sallygates 2573 days ago

Oh thank goodness. I couldn't not look, but I was worried as to whether this may be NSFL (not safe for lunchtime).