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The Fiendish BackBlades of Nulgath  have color custom eyes and accessory as well.

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1506 days ago

The Fiendish BackBlades of Nulgath have color custom eyes and accessory as well.


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Mordefort 1451 days ago

no matter what happens i fight for NULGATH and FOR NULGATH ONLY!!! :D

guiltius 1505 days ago

Blows my wffing mind man

HEB_AE 1505 days ago

I agree with I reckon! Why? Its not gonna kill you XD

VictorFanHu 1505 days ago

why do you bother covering up your name? =/

HEB_AE 1506 days ago

wow, your amazing ! all of your designs of your items for the shop are awesome :D

kevinadimulya 1506 days ago

now the color looks match with bloodletter & I love this dual overfiend without glow, thank you nulgath

iangrantgarret 1506 days ago

dam epic dont fuck with the void

Dan_X_Doa 1506 days ago

...If that thing cost 1 million + I going to hell D:

666zackaqw 1506 days ago

blood fiend coming so maybe shadow fiend and hex fiend and :O fiend fiend :3

666zackaqw 1506 days ago

i think he is remaking all voids :3

God_Of_Arcane 1506 days ago

Milton. I know you are a great artist.. Best in the entire game, but I have one small request.. And this request goes to all mages in the game as well, but can you make a new void caster or remake a "Hex Fiend" when the war comes around? I would appreciat

AqwHewitt1 1506 days ago

Thanks for "enhancing" blood of milt! It was the only armor of yours I did not get to get :/

Xaayer_The_Grey 1506 days ago

Finally a good back-sword item!!

Xaayer_The_Grey 1506 days ago


NathanHengHeng 1506 days ago

Nulgath I freakin Love you.

aqwalexandre 1506 days ago

milton aqwking

eric23443219091 1506 days ago

this is y i like nulgath he the bosss he know what fans and people want and treats non member and member good unlike legion its basically non member ac

666zackaqw 1506 days ago


makialakkary 1506 days ago

u want to kill us with epic items or what man i'll be broke after this shop

ChidosenganAE 1506 days ago

You are doing an awesome job Already I am liking this set alot!