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Fiery Halo of Nulgath back item is now color custom!

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864 days ago

Fiery Halo of Nulgath back item is now color custom!


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Aeythur 843 days ago

, you're a dumbass. You're on Nulgath's page telliing people to not join the legion if they don't like the Legion color limitation. Herp duh derp. No shit, people are going to hate on Dage because they're here to support Nulgath.

Neo6574 851 days ago

If you were saying that titan is better, you are dead wrong. I have titan, its basically an obese overlord, I really regret getting it. Plus Nulgath actually mixes things up a bit which is cool :D

Rsrdaman 863 days ago

Will go well with my Legion armor...

deadmAE 863 days ago

choose a side

deadmAE 863 days ago

then again this helm may go with some dage items ,as a supporter of both its gnna be a hard choice to

deadmAE 863 days ago

iangrantgarret , dnno why u feel sorry for dage followers this holds nthing to titan so i wont get itXD

the96dancecrew 863 days ago

if dage wants to limit his color to black and blue because the legion, that is his choice....hahahaha

tahu4260 863 days ago

CC? thats amazing..... 0_0

God_Of_Arcane 863 days ago

Milton. I know you are a great artist.. Best in the entire game, but I have one small request.. And this request goes to all mages in the game as well, but can you make a new void caster or remake a "Hex Fiend" when the war comes around? I would appreciat

iangrantgarret 863 days ago

i feel sorry for dage followers >:)

eric23443219091 863 days ago

zack noone likes u ok because nulgath rules and dage dont

aqwalexandre 863 days ago

thanks milton

johnlor1 863 days ago


JSketches 863 days ago


EricMcDouchebag 863 days ago

good thing i didnt waste my ac's on dark caster x. im gonna look badass fighting for nulgath. though,i would perfer he look like miltonious.

makialakkary 863 days ago

OOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGG i just pissed on my self NULGATH i LOOOOOOVE ur art so f**ken tumps up!!!

666zackaqw 863 days ago

omg ppl dage makes black and blue cuzz that legion color u dont like then dont join legion gawd >.<

yuri_shaman 864 days ago

Look at Miltonius char page, DUAL OVERFIEND BLADES CAPE >_<

Ryuyasha 864 days ago

I fight for the strongest side.

That's Nulgath's side btw

GoldenWarriorAE 864 days ago

im like about to sell all my ac legion stuff and just get this :O <3 and their CC!!