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The Void Helms for the war to be release when...

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1598 days ago

The Void Helms for the war to be release when...


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FourBeardStrong 1535 days ago

Definitely getting my lady the helm on the far right.. she doesn't have a computer at the moment, so I'll be getting that for her.
Oh, and then we're going to further destroy Nulgath's army.

Shydoli 1535 days ago

da hair is my style

I_AM_A_DEMENTOR 1543 days ago

2ond helm..........................must get

NehemiahTheVamp 1549 days ago

Dat helm on the far right.. will def be getting it. xD

KillerAC202Ae 1586 days ago

The two helms on the left are amazing. especially the hood. ME LIKE! :O

NomadorOS 1588 days ago

I don't really like the square chin on the male, but otherwise, Great work. The second helm I love.

glydingonwater 1591 days ago

Great... that's three more helms to add to my ever limiting bag space =P

mturf 1591 days ago

WANT BLINDFOLDS!!! (toothy grin is cool too)

Quintenii_AE 1596 days ago

Dat second helm... ME WANT :o

NexusEmissary 1596 days ago

what is your opinion about this?http://twitpic.com/9kb6dq

Zinrio666 1598 days ago

This is totally awesome,i totally love the one with the horns their so mysterious looking yes mysterious indeed.

EmeraldWizardAE 1598 days ago

I'm TOTALLY getting these when they come out. What are they far though? Oversoul or AQDubz?

EmeraldWizardAE 1598 days ago

I TOTALLY do not mind! Silver hair AND a blind fold... that's so scary because that's exactly how I draw my emerald wizard persona...

Ravenicuz 1598 days ago

When is the war? Your art is amazing ^^

FallFire 1598 days ago

well done

LuisHenriqueLH 1598 days ago

just epic designs!!!

ongehure 1598 days ago

Woah, love them

Vergil_Aqw 1598 days ago

the horn on the male overlaps the hair looks weired and the hood looks kinda sketchy .,.

0ShadowStories 1598 days ago

2nd from the left = AWESOME

50ShadesOfDJWS 1598 days ago

Then let the ..wait... Hey the hair on the female one is the hair from your Empress crisis armor *but really good job*